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Midweek groups are where the church happens during the week. We believe that it is virtually impossible to grow in our relationship with the Lord Jesus without having the committed, redemptive relationships that small groups provide.


Midweek groups are small groups consisting ideally of 4-12 people. These groups meet in homes throughout Dwarka. We fellowship, enjoy some food, worship, study a short Bible passage, a time of sharing and ministry.


Midweek groups are open to all people who desire to join together with other believers to worship God and seek His face.


To grow in our knowledge of God and learn to walk in His ways: In order to live fruitful lives we need to know objective truth about God and His plan for us. In Midweek groups we spend hands-on time studying the Bible and applying it to our lives.

To provide adequate pastoral care for each member of the Vineyard: We believe that people can best be cared for by someone who knows them and has an on-going, committed relationship with them. Group leaders have been trained to care and minister to the people in their group. It is within the context of Midweek groups that people can receive the love and care that they need to grow and mature in Christ.

To enable each member to develop deep and lasting relationships: It is said that people come to a church for many reasons but they stay for only one: relationships. We all have a need for friendship that can't be met in the context of Sunday worship. Midweek groups provide a family atmosphere where social needs can be met, both during the meeting and in outside activities. People grow close to each other as they worship and play together.

To provide a secure environment for the practice, development, and testing of ministry gifts: The Vineyard is strongly committed to church members doing the work of the church. Midweek groups provide a safe place in which to develop each person's gifting and ministries. In this context, these gifts can be evaluated, and each person can receive feedback, encouragement, and ultimately be released to minister in other contexts.

To provide a place for both crisis and process healing: We believe that healing prayer is most effective in the context of loving, committed relationships. Midweek groups provide an intimate, accountable, and safe atmosphere in which each person can share his or her problems and hurts and receive ministry for the healing of the whole person.

To develop servant-leaders: In the context of Midweek groups, leaders are raised up with caring, pastoral hearts who desire to love and serve the Lord and others.

To nurture outreach: As Christians, everything we do needs to be kept in the perspective of our privilege and responsibility to extend the Kingdom of God around us. We try to encourage each group member to maintain redemptive relationships with those who do not know Jesus.

To multiply: The goal of each Midweek group is to start other groups on a regular basis. More groups mean that more people can be effectively cared for.

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