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Our Values

Value of Covenant
Upon receiving salvation man becomes bonded to God. The LORD makes all the arrangements and graciously offers His salvation-covenant to us. We submit in obedience to the terms of His covenant bond and in return we receive His covenant mercy, faithfulness and loving-kindness

When we enter into God's covenant with His Son it brings us into a covenant relationship with one another. These covenant bonds exist between all believers and we are responsible to love all Christians. However, within the local church, we have the unique opportunity to experience the challenges and blessings of committed relationships being worked out in practical ways on a day-to-day basis. God's Holy Spirit generates and maintains this bond of love between us. We learn to walk in His covenant love but aren't responsible for creating it...

Value of Kingdom of God
Jesus Christ is a sovereign and current ruler over the entire universe and all things within it. He alone is responsible for establishing His kingdom; however, the administration of His kingdom is through appointed leaders and all those who serve Christ by the gifts and enabling of the Holy Spirit.
The Kingdom of God is eternal, permanent and unshakable. Further, His kingdom stands, unmovable and indestructible, influencing the human structures of family, church government and the market place.

Value of Biblical Authority
God's revelation to mankind carries the authority inherent in His Person and Nature. Therefore, His statements concerning the created order, people, and life-styles are definitive. God shares His authority with those who fill certain roles within His Kingdom.

When we receive His authority, we receive with it the responsibility and accountability God demands. Those who abuse God's authority face the consequences of His displeasure and discipline. Jesus describes the misuse of authority as leaders who make people feel the burdensome weight of their authority.

Value of Fatherhood
God the Father expresses His own fatherhood through Jesus Christ (the eternally begotten Son) and through all men on earth. His fatherly image pervades all men and stands revealed among all nations (tribes and societies) on earth. The responsibility that God the Father exercises over the entire human population. He shares with men as they lay down their lives for their wives and children. God the Father also shares His fatherhood in the spheres of business, education, profession, military ad etc.

Value of Family
God has created the family as a mirror image to that of Jesus Christ and His Church. Even as Christ is the Head of His Church, so also the Husband/Father is the head of his family. Even as Christ lays down His life for the Church, so also the Husband/father lays down his life for his own wife and children. The wife submits to her husband as to Jesus Christ. The Husband/father carries the responsibility before Jesus Christ for leading his wife and children in the ways of Christ.

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